Intuition Technology

Scientific Machine Learning Bridging Expert Interpretations with Situational Modeling to Forewarn Uncertain State Changes in Chemical, Biological & Geological Systems
"This tool from Senslytics is going to be very valuable to the Field Engineers who are involved in Wireline Testing. It  is also an important step forward in digitization effort of deep-sea operation. We want to continue working with Senslytics in commercializing the Contamination Forewarning application and potentially exploring other use cases."
"Senslytics is expanding AI into complex State Change Forewarning in industry domains by compounding IoT, ML with expert interpretation. Lux Research recently gave Senslytics a Positive Lux Take due to its technical value and strong competitive positioning."
"One of the Most Promising Oil & Gas Startups of the Year" - Rice Alliance of Technology & Entrepreneurship, Offshore Technology Conference, 2018
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Sixth Sense Suite is an advanced Forewarning application software that is designed to sense and alert upcoming events in industrial operations before other software can. Our goal is to help engineers gain reaction time to avoid disruptions and improve operational efficiency. We apply "Scientific Learning" to overcome the shortcomings of"Deep Learning". 

​Built on relevance aware Intuition Technology platform, our software processes data differently. Using proprietary "Core" and "Ring" data concept, Sixth Sense Suite gathers intelligence from both the monitored system and its surroundings and auto-adjusts "Lead Time to Event" based on situational changes. 


Senslytics is built on six pillars of functional teams:  

  • Technology: develops software based on IP and industry vision

  • PMO: manages product development and project delivery 

  • Industry Experts: bring in domain knowledge to product features.   

  • Client Engagement: work closely with clients and industry 

  • Finance & Admin: involves in day to day operations.

  • Exec Team: ensures investment and overall functioning

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