Built on 8 patents (5 issued), Intuition Technology provides the framework for Sixth Sense Suite which is the collection of industry specific Forewarning applications. Each Forewarning application consists of three configurable layers: 

  • Data Dendrons: Ingest data from structured sources (e.g., relational databases), unstructured sources (natural language e.g., log, comments) and semi-structured sources (e.g., IoT devices)

  • Intuition Platform: Senses surroundings and situational context change and generates Relevance for prediction

  • Wisdom Engine: Outputs "Lead Time Forewarning" alerts in real time and presents to your preferred destination e.g., mobile, dashboard or existing applications. 

Sixth Sense Suite is configurable, modular, scalable, secured, big-data enabled. ​Our solution is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix clouds. 

We can offer our solution on-premise, in cloud or on Edge devices, as desired. Solution can be provided as a Service, as a  software use license or as an embedded license. 

Call us or book a discussion session below to start a pilot conversation. We use your data and prove value specific to your need.

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